GIVEAWAY: Hopelessly Devoted to WORN

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I recently bought the latest issue of WORN Fashion Journal. Since I feel it should be shared and passed around, like the sweet potatoes at a potluck, I'm putting it up for my very first give away!

To enter, leave a comment answering me this:

If you could have a subscription to any magazine what would it be?


I would choose WORN because this magazine is full of heart and soul. I have cherished and collected my copies, unlike many fashion magazines that are tossed quicker than last seasons trends. As you will see, this magazine is truly unlike any other!


Here is a preview of what you'll be getting in the mail if you win:

The winner of this giveaway is Kensey Crane, selected through

Thank you so much for entering!


Anonymous said...


(not very anonymous...)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you've enabled it so us non-bloggers can now comment. My answer is Lula



Johanna Lu said...

I would say ID magazine, because it's about the only non gender specific major fashion magazine, and I always learn new interesting things when I read it.

Oh and I'm in. Love worn, ordered one to review it on my blog about a year ago, fell totally for it, but never got around to subscribe.

Goldengen said...


It's a really nice magazine

julia aka garconniere said...

i would love a subscription to WORN. i own four back issues but not this latest one, seeing as it is still impossible to get in québec city. i've even written for their blog before and hope to again.

other than that, i would say very out of my budget higher end fashion magazines... but they tend to infuriate me more than inspire.

kenseycrane said...

Honestly, i'd love a subscription to Jane magazine. It doesn't even exist anymore, but growing up it got me through the awkward years and gave me a peak in to feminism and taught me more about sex than Cosmopolitan ever could. So if i could somehow subscribe to all of the old issues, the would keep me contented!

A Little Brighter said...

Oh I love your layout already though! But any help you need don't hesitate to ask!
I was a little geek when I was younger and loved to make websites from scratch so I know a little now ha!
Thanks for your comment and just incase I get so lucky

Email :

Ayesha :D

tara-lynn said...

hi there!
i think maybe we did meet, well kinda, nto really, did you work the worn table? i came over asking, how to renew my worn subscription.
anyhow, i won't enter, as i already have the issue, but great giveaway,
i'm a new follower of your blog now too.

Lydia said...

Hello! Cool that you found me via a comment! Ummm I want to enter this giveaway because Worn is cool.

If I could have a subscription to any magazine, it would definitely be Lula! I cherish every issue I own...and anticipate the next one with bated breath! SO GOOD.

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